Many people who live and work overseas, such as USA, UK, China, have to send money home to support their families or invest in their country. However, sending money from abroad to Mali can be a big challenge if they don’t choose the right channel for the transaction.

Most of the time, the procedures to send money to Mali are tough, long, painful and extremely expensive. Fees can range from 10 percent to 50 percent of the total amount sent, and some institutions even require formalities such as showing ID or the reason for sending.

Others place a limit on the amount of daily money people can send to Mali. Not to mention the fact that international money transfer can take 2-3 days to reach the recipient. Nevertheless, there are still many ways to send money from USA, UK, China to Mali, Ezipay brings you the cheapest and most importantly the easiest app for money transfer. money to Mali from US, UK, China.