You live abroad and you need to send money to a mobile money account in Africa? Ezipay helps you to transfer any amount of money, anywhere, anytime, directly to your family, friends or business partners’ mobile money account. Very easy to use, Ezipay offers you extremely reduced rates for a quality service.

If you are ready to send money from abroad to Africa from your mobile phone to any mobile money account with Ezipay app, follow the next steps to do it.

Steps to follow to transfer money to any mobile money account from abroad to Africa with Ezipay

First step

Download, Sign up & Do your KYC with your ID card.

Second step

Launch the Ezipay app & Click on the mobile money icon to fil the form (recipient, mobile money number / operator, etc…).

Third step

Validate your transfer. The money will automatically be credited on your recipient’s mobile money account upon receipt.

What is Ezipay? 

Ezipay is an electronic smart account that helps its users to carry out online money transactions. With the app, they can send money to a mobile money or a bank account. Users can also pay their bills, send international top-up recharge, etc.

Why to use Ezipay app to transfer money to any mobile money account from abroad to Africa?

When transferring money from abroad to any mobile money account in Africa, using Ezipay is one of the best solution.

In Africa, most people use a mobile money account. For that reason, it very difficult to choose the right one for sending money to a relative living on the continent. Indeed, hundred money transfer apps on the market are present on the market.

However, apps like Ezipay will help you to transfer easily money from abroad to Africa.  The money will directly come into your recipient’s mobile money account in less than a second. The app offers users one of the lowest fees of the market.

Ezipay is a multi-currency service available in more than 140 countries around the world.  It takes only 4 to 5% of the amount to send, and the fees decrease as the amount increases.

The application automatically converts the money to send at the market rate of the recipient’s country. The user can then save a valuable time.

On Ezipay, there is no room for sneaky banking or hidden charges.

Very easy to use, Ezipay facilitates money transfers to Africa 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With its ISO certification, Ezipay also positioned itself as a very secure electronic smart account. The app gives African entrepreneurs the opportunity to become an Ezipay merchant. They will then recieve their payment anytime, anywhere in the world.

Download Ezipay app here or from Play Store, App Store or Palm Store.

For more information about ezipay, visit their website