If to grasp a new opportunity you have come to a new country away from your family and now you want to easily send money to them then Ezipay is the right platform to whom you can trust to send money from the USA to Nigeria. With this app, it becomes so simple and easy to receive or send money anywhere to anyone at any time. With the help of Ezipay, you can easily receive or send money without paying any extra money by using your bank account details for your family member residing in Nigeria.

Best way to send money to Nigeria from other countries

Apart from sending money to your family or loved one this app also helps to recharge your mobile or pay your bills with just a few taps from your mobile and you will be easy to pay bills and recharge your phone with the help of Ezipay.


Why choose Ezipay?

With this app, it becomes very convenient for their customers to make money transaction anywhere and at any time without any worry as their information are kept secret with them.  It is also very easy to sign up with Ezipay by just creating online signup forms which will ask for some information regarding your linked bank account and you will be able to operate this app on various devices including mobile, tablet or desktop.


We are known for providing top-notch customer experience to our clients by helping them to send or receive money from the USA to Nigeria to any other part of the world. We are equipped with modern techniques that helps our clients to sign up automatically with fast communication system and there is less chance of failed payments so that your loved ones will be able to get the money whenever they require without waiting much.