Your family and friends, no matter where they are located in the globe, will have no trouble receiving the money you send them thanks to’s lightning-fast international money transfers. With EziPay, you may send money to a bank account in almost any country in the world via several different methods. However, depending on their requirements, the recipient of your gift may have particular preferences for how they would want to receive the money. It’s possible, for instance, that they don’t have a saving account to which you may transfer money. This illuminating and instructive blog article will take you through the necessary procedures to Send money to Nigeria from Canada to a recipient who does not have a bank account.


Some recipients would like to acquire their money in the form of cash in hand rather than having it deposited in their bank account. To our relief, EziPay offers not one but four convenient methods for transferring money overseas, one of which is cash pickup. Here, we will guide you through each of those available possibilities.

Transferring money to a bank account in Nigeria

A cash deposit is an online payment that is sent from one bank or another financial institution account, often one that is located in a different country. Using the EziPay app, it is simple to carry out a financial transaction on a global scale. The following is a list of the actions that need to be taken:

  • Sign in to your existing EziPay account, or create a new one.
  • Choose the destination country and the amount that you wish to send.
  • Enter the recipient’s information (name, address, and phone number), as well as your bank information (bank name, SWIFT code with the IBAN)
  • You must now pay for this transaction.