You look while before booking a flight or a hotel room to get the best price possible, right? The same is true for transfers of money: you can save money by comparing your choices before making an international transfer.

When you initiate a comparative evaluation, Ezipay obtains the fees and currency exchange of all available providers to assist you in determining the best option for your handover. When compared to your bank or the most costly providers, you can save up to 90%.

We provide a single point of contact that enables people and companies to be truly global and send money to Nigeria from UAE. We accomplish this by developing best-in-class financial, payment, and business solutions that eliminate obstacles to growth and flexibility for all global citizens.

Discover the most efficient strategies for sending money to Nigeria from the UAE.

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The best value fund transfer service available today may not be the cheaper option tomorrow. Compare the best performers on Ezipay’s comparison engine over the last 30 days for transactions from UAE to Nigeria to find the one that best meets your needs and preferences.

To ensure our individuality, we always compare using transparent, objective, and demonstrable criteria. Nobody can buy their way up to the top of our standings.

We compare as many suppliers as possible and have partnerships with nearly all major and inventive providers