EziPay is a private limited company which incorporates the laws of the Republic of Ghana. It is a concept of an online transaction app that uses digital technology to transfer your money in Ghana and Sub-Saharan West African regions. It is launched because of the growing demand of the public to have a convenient and secure payment service.

Ezipay is an improved payment based technology that works with your bank account to offer a safe, simple, and better online payment experience. In addition to the secure sending and receiving payment services, it also provides consultation on customized payment assistance.


Benefits of Ezipay mobile app:

EziPay is the best app for bank money transfer in Ghana which is perfect to use for several ways like –

  • Bill payment with Ezipay app

This COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has made it difficult to make your bill payments in person. Thus, you can easily make your mobile bill payment, internet bill payment, and electricity bill payment with its mobile app by sitting in the comfort of your home.

  • Flight booking with EziPay app

However, it is not a safe time to travel anywhere due to coronavirus infection. But you can use the EziPay mobile app to make your flight bookings or train bookings in the future.

  • Sending money to your loved ones

Due to the complete shutdown across the world, it is difficult for people to make money. There is no source of income, but it is required to bear the expenses. Thus, you can use the app for bank money transfer in Ghana.  


What wallet services does the EziPay online transaction app deliver?

  • Add money

The online app offers you to add money to its wallet directly from your bank accounts.




  • Transfer money

The EziPay provides you to quickly transfer money in the Ezipay wallets of your loved ones, family, and friends.

  • Transfer money directly to the bank accounts

It also offers you to transfer payment directly from your bank accounts to the receiver’s bank account at a very nominal cost.


Why choose Ezipay as your money transfer app?

  • User friendly

EziPay’s motive to provide a user-friendly atmosphere to its clients with complete transparency.

  • Easy to use

Ezipay is an easy to use money transfer mobile app, which efficiently transfers your money in Ghana.

  • Convenient

The application is a convenient way of transferring money to your loved ones at a very affordable price.

  • Swift

It offers instant service, but if the payment might get stuck due to network issues, then it gets refunded in your account within 14 working days.

  • Secured

It is a password-protected application which makes it a secured money transferring app. Also, there is no intermediate, so there is no chance of any fraud.



After having learned about the EziPay app, you can choose it as your money transferring mobile app without any doubts or queries. Don’t wait for more and download the app to transfer money to your friends or family in Ghana.