Now because of Covid-19, we are all inside our homes, and being at home seems to be quite dull and boring. Imagine you think of watching your favorite shows, but now you need to pay your bill urgently; otherwise, you’ll most certainly miss the show. But don’t worry, you can do it online now just by using Ezipay App. Ezipay makes sure that the payments are made securely and instantly. You can also pay your phone bills, book air tickets, and do a lot more things with this app.

Payment of phone bills

The use of this digital wallet eases your payments online. You can use mobile to shop online, and with the top-notch service that Ezipay provides you, you can also pay with this best online payment app.

Book flight tickets

You can also book local or international flight tickets by Ezipay. All you need to mention is your details, and in just a few steps, you will be good to go.

Pay internet bills

You can also pay your internet bills with this fastest online payment app. Paying your internet bill now is a one-click away.

Shopping bills

Now to avoid using cash during this Covid-19, you should pay your shopping bills online. Ezipay is one of the best online payment app and is designed to make your payments a lot easier.

If you want to pay your bill with the mobile app, Ezipay is the safest option. You can follow these quick and simple steps for the payment on Ezipay, and then you are good to go.

  • You can start by creating your account (If you don’t have one). For this, you need to go to ‘Register for free’ option and enter the details like e-mail ID, phone number and unique password. Once you are done with all the required details, then you can click on the ‘create account’ option.
  • While you can access it on any device, you can log in with registered e-mail ID and the same unique password you have entered while you were signing up.
  • Now you can scroll and choose the of which you want to make the payment. It could be of anything, maybe for a mobile recharge, electricity bill, shopping or tickets.
  • Now the last step will be to enter your card details and confirming the payment. Make sure to check the message popping up at the top of your screen for payment confirmation as soon as the payment is processed.
  • Make sure that the transaction is successful.

As there has been an increase in the use of mobile to shop online, digital wallets have certainly gained a lot more prominence in many countries around the world. Ezipay, being an online payment app, has brought the trend along with all the features that take away the pain of shelling out cash, be it Ghana, Sierra Leone, or any other city. Growing its popularity all around, Ezipay provides quicker money transactions letting it grow at a large scale.