How do you feel when you have to join the long queues to transfer or receive money? Do you feel it is necessary to go through all the hassles just for transferring some money? However, you don’t have to worry about going through all these hassles with the help of EziPay app services. Now, let’s learn about the EziPay money transaction app.


About EziPay:


EziPay is the cheapest, most convenient way to transfer and receive money from abroad to your loved ones in Ghana at the lowest transfer cost. The benefits of the app don’t stop here; EziPay helps you to transfer money to a bank account from your mobile. And wait, it is not over yet, you can also pay for services and bills to over 250 merchants and businesses in Ghana. EziPay app also provides you an opportunity to book your tickets – movie or travel while sitting at the comfort of your premises.


Save your time and money by online transaction things with EziPay digital platform. It also ensures that you don’t have to face any problem while transferring money and while paying your bills. It is a user-friendly digital platform that helps in efficiently transferring and receiving payment from your friends and family. Now let’s have detailed information about the features offered by EziPay.


Features offered by EziPay:


  • Send money to Ghana without hassles. 

Are you worried about sending money to Ghana without any hassles? Then, EziPay is there is for your assistance.


  • Safe & secure payments

Safety and security are another most important feature offered by the app for money transfer in Ghana. 


  • Airtime & internet top-up

Are you worried about paying your mobile or internet bill during the lockdown period? Then, worry no more as EziPay offers easy and instant recharge services.


  • Instant money transfers

Instant money transfer is one of the essential features of EziPay for which it is known in Ghana.


  • QR-code driven payments

Send or receive money from the merchants with the help of the QR-code facility of the EziPay mobile money app.


Services offered by EziPay app:


  • Add money to mobile wallet 

Add money to your EziPay mobile wallet direct from your bank account and use this as a payment method over card payments.


  • Book your flight tickets 

You can book international or domestic flight tickets of any destination around the world at an affordable price, not just that you can also book your hotel by using the app.


  • Transfer money to local merchants

You can use the EziPay mobile app to pay the local merchants in Ghana without using any other payment option.


  • Pay your bills

Now you don’t have to worry about carrying cash while going out to buy groceries or while ordering things online with the help of the EziPay mobile app.


  • Send money to your family abroad

Now you can easily send money to your family members abroad with the user-friendly mobile app – EziPay.


  • Recharge or mobile top-up

Easily pay your mobile bill or internet bill while sitting at your home during the lockdown period and even after that to save your time and energy.


Winding up:

Hopefully, now you have understood why EziPay is the best money transfer app in Ghana. Download the app and start paying money online!