Coronavirus has a huge impact on the lives of people all around the world. The pandemic came with various restrictions on the movement, socializing, and for carrying out everyday activities. And some people have their family living abroad who need financial support. These are the very common effects of COVID-19 pandemic, but do you know about the impact of COVID-19 on the money transfer services.


Importance of money transfer services – 

COVID – 19 has made millions of people use online money transfer services to transfer money to their families living abroad. The COVID-19 crises have offered multiple new challenges in the lives of people all around the world. The major problem for money transfer services is providing financial security.

Using online money transfer services allows people for money transfer to Ghana instantly and securely. The apps help you to avoid the need to go out of the house to any agent or bank. These online apps are cheaper than any other money transfer method.


Use of money transfer services:

The increase in the popularity of mobile banking during this pandemic is quite inevitable. However, the traditional methods are outdated now as the present age demands more swift and convenient solutions for money transfer to Ghana. More and more apps have emerged in the modern world due to the rise in the popularity of online methods and have altered the payment methods active the global pandemic has triggered the world.


Benefits of online money transfer:

  • It encouraged people to maintain distance from the people.
  • It made people carry forward their work while staying at home.
  • It helped people to safeguard their family members abroad from any financial problem.
  • It offers a convenient way of transferring money.
  • The payment protection tool enhances the benefits of online money transfer apps.
  • Speed is yet another benefit that the online money transfer apps offer.
  • Online money transfer apps reliable and transparent services.
  • Online money transfer apps have low fees than traditional money transfer methods.




EziPay is one of the best money transfer app that allows you safe, secure, and convenient services. Money transfer with EziPay is quite effective and efficient for the people who are busy in their routine and cannot spare time to stand in queues to transfer money to their families abroad. Bill’s payments with EziPay is another essential thing you can do while sitting at your home’s convenience. EziPay also allows you to book flights, hotels, and movie tickets at an affordable price.  EziPay is one such app that has saved people from going out during the pandemic.


Winding Up:

Now you know the effects and benefits of money transfer services during the pandemic condition of COVID-19. Hopefully, this article has provided you with all the necessary details you required to know about the money transfer app.