When we talk about money, we all are concerned about safety and privacy, as there has been a significant increase in scams and phishing. EziPay understands your safety concerns and is working on extensive measures to safeguard your bank or credit card details.

EziPay is on a mission to make it easier for you to send money home to your family and friends. You can receive money from EziPay, depending on the services available in your country and the option sender is using to send money.

Can you trust EziPay?

Yes, you can. EziPay is one emerging as one of the fastest-growing fintech apps which lets you protect money and guarantees it arrives safely every time. EziPay is secure and can meet the highest possible standards. The brand makes sure that your financial information is never revealed to anyone unless they have your permission or are required by law. EziPay provides 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

So are you ready to send with EziPay?

Payment with credit cards

You can transfer money and use credit or debit cards if issued by Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro card. You may also see some charges as soon as you go for payment, it is because some credit issuers charge you cash advance fee to process the payment. A cash advance is basically a fee for withdrawing money while you use your credit card. Still, some other payments might also be considered as a cash advance, and these include buying foreign currency in some cases. SO if you are in doubt while you are making an electronic transfer of whether these fees apply to your or not, you can ask your bank.

Safe linking of bank account

You can experience the fastest online transaction with EziPay, but for that, you need to link your bank account first. Now you must be worried that whether it is safe to link your bank account with EziPay or not? Well, we assure you, it is. While you link your bank account to make the payment make sure all the details are entered correctly. The details you provide will be kept safely, keeping all the privacy and safety measures, and you are safe to use the app. It would be helpful if you kept in mind any fraudulent calls or messages and must not share your login credentials to anyone as this might poses danger to the account, and you may end up losing the money you might have in your wallet or bank account.