Do you want to send money to your family or friends in Ghana without any expensive or complicated process? Whether you are sending money to your family to financially support them or sending money to them as a routine, it must not be inconvenient and fussy. Thus, you must first compare the transfer fees or exchange rates of the bank transfers or online transactions to go for the best deal to send money to Ghana from the UK.


Learn the ways to transfer most of your money to your family to Ghana:

Let’s learn how to compare money transfers app to Ghana to match all your requirements –

  • Transfer fees 

Transferring money overseas requires a small fee, which is almost hidden under the exchange rates. Sending a large sum of cash cheaper to pay a flat fee helps you to secure a steady exchange rate.

  • Exchange rates

The exchange rate fluctuates, thus, using a money transferring service that allows you to lock the exchange prices to save your money. Choose the best option for money transfer with the best exchange rates to save a lot of your money.

  • The transfer limit

The amount of money that can transfer is highly dependent on the company you choose to transfer money. Opt for the company that provides you with the best deals and low fees to send money to Ghana from the UK. 

  • Money transferring methods 

Do you want to send money to someone in Ghana? If yes, then there are several ways to transfer money like banks, online app, or agents. It’s all in your hand to choose the best and the most affordable platform for you.


How to do mobile money transfer to Ghana?

EziPay is a user-friendly digital platform that can ensure you to provide the most affordable and convenient services to the consumers. Now let’s understand how to use the EziPay app for transferring money to Ghana. Download the app, sign up, and send money with any digital money transfer app in just four simple steps. Follow the steps for mobile money transfer to Ghana in a convenient way.


Step 1 – Sign up to the digital money transferring platform

Choose the platform which you this is perfect for you, sign up with the required details. You need your ID proof, contact details, and bank account details.


Step 2 – Fill up the transfer details

Fill in all the information of the recipient and select a money transferring method. You can transfer the amount directly to the digital wallet, or transfer the funds to the bank account of the recipient.


Step 3 – Recheck the transfer details

You need to recheck the payment details, method, fees, and the recipient’s details to ensure that you transfer it to the right person.

Step 4 – Save your payment receipt

It is crucial to have a record of all the expenses to track all your monthly costs and also the progress of the transfer to Ghana. You will get notified after each transaction through the medium of an email or a text.


Winding up:

Hopefully, now you know how to find the best ways to send money to Ghana from the UK and elsewhere.