Are you using an online money transfer app? Are you still not able to understand the working of the app? Are you in difficulty in knowing how to add and pay money on the EziPay app? Then, worry no more! The following article would help you in every way to use the digital platform – EziPay. But before we began, let’s gather some information about the digital money transfer platform – EziPay.


About EziPay –

EziPay is a digital wallet that allows remittance of money at a low cost. EziPay is a user-friendly app that allows the customers to add or send money to the mobile wallets or directly to the bank account of the recipient. EziPay provides easy and instant money transfer service with complete security. You can trust the services of the mobile application for sending money to your loved ones in Ghana. EziPay allows you to transfer money from around 149 countries to Ghana with a low exchange rate. Another important feature of the EziPay app is that you can book movie tickets and international or domestic flights with interesting discounts. Pay bills in with EziPay while sitting in the comfort of your home and also pay local businesses in an instant with the EziPay mobile app.

Let’s have a look at the features to add Money on EziPay –


  • Debit Card

you can add money to the EziPay wallet from any of your Debit cards to pay bills in with EziPay and to Send money to the local businesses or your loved ones.

  • Bank account 

You can add money from your bank accounts by linking them with the EziPay Wallet. It helps you with instant money transfer with ease.


How to pay Money with EziPay?


  • EziPay Wallet 


You can use EziPay Wallet to pay money directly to the bank account or mobile money wallet. EziPay allows you to transfer money at a low remittance rate. EziPay money transfer to the bank account of the recipient is also quite convenient.


  • Direct bank account

Use the EziPay app to transfer money directly from your bank account to the bank account of the recipient at a competitive transfer cost. However, the transfer cost is dependent on the receiver’s bank.


Winding Up:

Now you must have understood how easy and convenient it to Add money or to pay money with the EziPay app’s multiple ways to complete the process. If you still have any doubts about the EziPay mobile wallet’s services and the process, you can visit the official website of this user-friendly digital money platform. We hope you have found this article useful!