Online transaction with EziPay makes it much easier for you to send money to your family living in Africa. Now be it Sierra Leone, Ghana, or any other Francophone countries, EziPay has laid its feathers all over.  You can now send money quickly through EziPay and by just scanning the QR code. Want to know how? For that, first, understand what QR code means.

QR code payment is one of the contactless payment methods where payments can be made just by scanning a QR code from the mobile app. EziPay gives you the functionality to scan the QR code and process the payment. This is one of the best alternatives to transfer funds using a secure payment terminal. To use the QR code, all you need to do is scan the code, and you are good to go.

How to scan QR code

  • For this, you need to have an EziPay account for the payment. If you don’t have it, you can go for the sign-up option and create an account.
  • Verify the e-mail ID you’ve provided and log in with the app or website on your phone.
  • Next, you have to tap on the QR code option displaying on the app and click on it.
  • You can then scan the QR code of the receiver by bringing it close to the QR code provided to you by the merchant. You can even use the screenshot or image of the QR code.
  • As soon as you select the “Scan the QR code,” the scanner detects the code, and you will be landed on the payment page.
  • Specify the amount to be paid, select the payment option, and pay securely.

Now, when the payment is completed, you will see a payment notification that it is successfully done. The online transaction with EziPay has become a lot easier. The app has made sure that you can send money securely.

Being one of the fastest-growing fintech companies, EziPay has its presence everywhere. It is amazing that you can make a QR payment from UK to Ghana. It is now slowly and gradually expanding its roots to Ceman countries, Liberia, Zambia, Ethiopia, Guinea Conakry, and DRC. EziPay is meant for customers who are using smartphones, and the QR quick service in Ghana enables the payment to be quick and smooth. The QR code-driven payment technology makes it much smoother.

While at the time of Covid-19 outbreaks, when the people are asked to keep sanitizing their hands, and not to touch anything until necessary, QR code payments have turned out to emerge as a boon for all of us. Just by scanning the QR code, we can make the payment in the fastest possible way. EziPay also enables payment to merchants or P2P via QRcode scanning from any of 140 countries it is providing its services to around the world. Furthermore, customers can also transfer money to Ghana from across 140 countries via the EziPay app just by scanning the code.