EziPay is a simple payment solution app that can change your life with just a tap. It is a safe, secure, and convenient remittance app that allows you to send money to Ghana. I use this excellent app for all the transactions. Being an influencer, it is my responsibility to bring out the best and the most useful things which are available for the consumers in the present time.


I downloaded the EziPay app a few months back to give it a shot, but I’m highly impressed with the features and the benefits of the EziPay app. So, I thought of sharing my experience and the top eight things which I loved about this remittance app – EziPay.


My overall experience:

I had a wonderful experience while using this mobile money app. It saves a lot of time and energy with its payment solution. Ever since I’ve downloaded the app, I’ve done all the transactions with it. From transferring money to the local merchants to paying for online shopping, booking tickets to hotel reservations, and paying mobile bills to internet bills, I’ve been using this pocket-friendly app from anything to everything.


Now let’s get into the top eight virtues of the EziPay app.


EziPay mobile money app is best in every way, but it is essential to have detailed knowledge about them. So, here I’ve brought you the most crucial information about the EziPay app.


Secure, safe, and reliable EziPay offers much-secured transfer services. Thus, you can easily rely on the app for transferring low to a high amount of money.


  • Convenient 

I felt that it is the most convenient of all other mobile payment services that I’ve always used. Thus, I would recommend you to download the app to enjoy money transfer with convenience.


  • Low transfer cost

Transferring money from the EziPay wallet to the bank account of the recipient is also quite affordable than any other mobile money platform.


  • Swift transfer service

It saves a lot of time and allows sending money at an affordable rate. It has saved a lot of my time, which might have spent while going to the place for transferring money, booking hotels, and instant top-up services.


  • Pay bills

I never had to worry about going to the respective offices to pay electricity or internet bills as EziPay allows paying all the bills while sitting at home or between the office hours.


  • User-friendly

The EziPay app is very easy to use, and anyone from a young age to an adult can easily enjoy the benefits offered by this mobile app.


  • Buying groceries at Afro basket.

Lockdown has been spent with ease because EziPay offered the services to buy groceries or other stuff from the Afro basket without worrying about going out to buy them.


  • QR-Code security

The QR-Code security service of EziPay provides the end-to-end encryption of the transactions. Thus, there is no scope of any theft or misplacement of the money while using the EziPay money transfer services.


Hopefully, my experience has encouraged you to download the app to make your lives easy and convenient. Initiate the process of turning the world’s economy into a cashless economy.


Thank you!