Many people live abroad with their families living back in Ghana, and sending money to your loved ones back home is a weekly or monthly routine. However, it might be tough to juggle between work and domestic commitments, like supporting your family in Ghana to ensure that they receive the money they need.


EziPay has created a convenient money transfer solution and has made mobile money transfer a secure, simple, and hassle-free process. Here are the top five reasons why EziPay is the best app for inward remittance. 


Top five reasons why EziPay is the best mobile money app –      


  • Instant global money transfer 

If you want to send money instantly to your family abroad, then EziPay is quite an ideal option for you. Sign up immediately and send money to your loved ones in seconds with its quick remittance service. Are you willing to transfer money to Ghana swiftly and securely via mobile? Then, EziPay works best for you. Its E-Wallet feature allows you to make an instant money transfer in just a few clicks on your phone screen.


  • Best exchange rates and low-cost transfer fee

Why wait up in the queues at banks or remittance app and pay excessive fees for sending money to loved ones abroad? Now, you can skip the lines and send money with low remittance cost with EziPay. We ensure to provide the lowest transfer fees in the market for transferring money to Ghana. There is complete transparency in the money transfer cost with EziPay.


  • Flexible payment methods 

We, at EziPay, understand the need for flexibility for sending money to various countries in the world and also the importance of flexibility for the receiver. It is why we have a range of remittance options that might suit your needs. EziPay offers flexible and convenient ways to meet the needs of users. With the EziPay mobile app, you can send money instantly with just a few taps through bank deposits, mobile payments, and E-Wallet top-up. Choose a preferable method for both sending and receiving money.


  • Secure remittance services 

EziPay is known to have greater trust in the global remittance industry. It is created to fulfill the people’s needs for a more convenient and trusted solution for transferring money swiftly and securely. Your money is safe in the hands of EziPay. We protect your money and keep your payment details safe and secure.


  • Hassle-free money transfer services 

We provide people with the easiest and the finest way to send money to their families abroad. Add your contacts to EziPay directly from your mobile details and send instant messages to your family or friends. The instant chat service makes it easy for you; it uses the EziPay mobile money app. With EziPay, you can transfer money to your family abroad in three simple steps.


Winding Up

EziPay is a quick and simple money transfer solution. Try out the trusted services of the app today! Register with EziPay and start to send money instantly and learn how easy it is to use it!