Coronavirus has made a considerable impact on people’s lives across the world. With restrictions on movement, social distancing, the ability to carry out everyday tasks has been limited for many of the people. Many people have families abroad, and they must support their families during times like this. In this blog, we will feature the importance of online money transfer services and how to send money safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are millions of people around the world that use money transfer services to support their families living abroad. This global pandemic has brought plenty of new challenges for businesses and individuals. It has left many industries severely impacted. But while you are thinking about a safe and fast way of sending money, there are many options available for you. One of them is EziPay, an application that helps you send money instantly during crucial times.

Send money abroad to loved ones

While you are thinking of sending money abroad, make sure to choose a secure, safe, and fast way to send money. It is a fantastic option to wire money to families living abroad. Online money transfer services are recommended during the coronavirus pandemic even when your family is not used to it. Online money transfers are easy to use and a simple way to process and track money without the need to leave home.

Send and receive money using a mobile remittance app for global money transfer

If we consider the increase in the popularity of mobile banking, the growth of mobile remittance has been inevitable. The traditional method of remittance solutions is outdated, and the digital age demands convenient and quick solutions to send money abroad. Many mobile money transfer apps have emerged as popular platforms for money transfer.

Inward remittance

Inward remittance to mobile money is possible with EziPay. When you start using the app, you’ll find how easy it is to send money abroad to your family at ease. You don’t have to worry much about delays in transactions. These are the benefits the mobile remittance app EziPay offers:

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • eWallet services

Due to government-enforced restrictions on movement and stay-at-home orders, online money transfer services and mobile remittance apps like EziPay are one of the ideal solutions to the people who have to stay back at home.

During the global pandemic, EziPay has been working to support customers by offering the best services and keeping the low remittance fee.

These online money transfer services and remittance apps are proving to be one of the most crucial ones during the coronavirus pandemic, and they are the safest way to send money abroad right now. So if you want to make a transfer by using mobile money, then EziPay is a safe and fast way to send money abroad. International money transfers let you send instant inward remittance to mobile money wallets of your loved ones. We don’t know how long the impact of this crisis will go on, but this instant money transfer app is best to use as it saves you both time and money.