As we are proceeding towards the new era of international money transfer, all the traditional methods of money transfer are getting overshadowed by it. EziPay mobile money app is booming, and we are getting the benefits from the convenience and speed of the remittance solutions available to us. Have you yet tried sending money across borders through a mobile money transfer app? Let’s look at the details and the key benefits of the inward and outward remittance mobile money transfer apps.


What are mobile money transfer apps?

The international remittance sector is getting developed quickly due to the impact of new advanced technologies. There are a lot of apps that are helping to create a change in the way the individuals and business people pay for goods and services and also global money transfers.


A number of digital platforms and mobile money apps enable you to make international transfers quick, secure, and affordable. These apps allow you to send money to your loved ones abroad instantly whenever they are in need.


How can you send money abroad using mobile money app?

EziPay is a quick, flexible, and convenient mobile money app that enables people to avail hassle-free and affordable remittance services. Global money transfer is a super simple and time-efficient method with EziPay mobile money app.


Download the app, create an account, and then add card details in your secure mobile wallet. Then, when you want to send money and receive remittance funds, you need the following information –

  • Select the country you want to send money to your loved ones!
  • Set a transfer amount.
  • Pick one from the flexible preferred payment methods.
  • Enter the details of the recipient to complete the transaction.


The E-wallet apps make the money transfer process a secure and straightforward task. The recipient details and the sender’s details are safe with the app; thus, you can repeat the transaction in an instant.


Benefits of using remittance app – 

The prime advantages of using mobile money transfer app are as follows –


  • Reliability 

Complete transparency and no irritating delays are experienced with the mobile money app.


  • Speed 

Send money instantly when your family or friends are in need.


  • Security 

The mobile money transfer apps enable secured payment options.


  • Convenience 

With mobile money app, you can easily send money whenever and wherever you want to, in an instant.


  • Flexibility 

These apps allow you to send money via credit card, debit card, or mobile wallet.


  • Cost 

You can reduce remittance costs by using a mobile money transfer app.


  • E-Wallet 

You can use a mobile money wallet to save your time and for secured transfer.


Let’s give a try to EziPay mobile money app – 

EziPay is a trusted money transfer app that enables the community in over 149 countries of the world to transfer money easily. The EziPay wallet allows you to transfer money in an instant to your loved ones abroad for their regular expense or for any emergency expenses.