People who live far from their families often face trouble when it comes to sending money home. The same goes for the people who live in the UK and the US with family back in Africa. Sending money home to your loved ones also becomes a part of your daily routine. However, we know that it is tough to juggle work and domestic commitments while supporting your family in Africa. You need to ensure that the money they need, they get it in time, and this is when EziPay will help you out. Being one of the trusted money transfer apps, EziPay makes sending money abroad a secure, hassle-free, and straightforward process. Here are five reasons we have outlined why EziPay is the best way for fast and secure online money transfer to Ghana.

  1. Convenience: A flexible option that suits your needs

We listen to our users and also know how important flexibility is for people who want to send money to Ghana. It is not only for the sender but for the recipient as well. This is the reason why our money transfer service offers a range of remittance options to suit your needs.

EziPay offers flexibility and convenience to meet your needs. Sending money at home or on the go just by using a mobile device or computer is simple.  You now longer have to stand in long queues to send money. Our online platform and mobile app are easy to use. Whether you want to transfer money into a bank account or send money from mobile to mobile, we’ve got it all covered. You can also use eWallet service to top up your digital wallet for super-fast money transfers from your mobile.

  1. Speed: Global money transfers in an instant

If we refer to speed as the vital function for global money transfer, then there is no way EziPay can be left behind. The online platform offers you an instant money transfer service, that is an ideal option for you. You can sign up and send money in a matter of just a few minutes. So it would be best if you don’t worry about sending money back home in Ghana as EziPay makes sure that you experience hassle-free, instant services without any delays for recipients.

  1. Trust: Secured remittance service

We know the importance of trust in the global remittance industry at EziPay. Our founder and management team created EziPay to measure the need for a convenient and trusted online solution to send money quickly and securely from the UK, the US and other regions such as Somalia, Kenya, to name a few.

  1. Cost-effective: Best exchange rates and low-cost transfer fees

When you have EziPay in your hand, you no longer have to queue up at banks or agencies to incur excessive fees for sending money to loved ones living abroad. You can skip the queues and make low-cost money transfers with EziPay. Our global remittance service has the lowest fees on global money transfers.

EziPay gives you the best exchange rates and offers a low-cost fee to send money to family abroad. There are no hidden charges or costs, and you can calculate your transfers instantly.

  1. Easy to use: A user-friendly platform for quick and easy money transfers

EziPay prides itself on being able to provide people with the easiest and best way to send money. It also lets you stay connected with your loved ones abroad. You can monitor transactions easily with speedy transfers.