With the high penetration rate of the internet and the increasing use of mobile phones in Africa, a boom of more than 600 million online buyers is expected by 2025. No wonder why many businesses will go digital. It is the case with supermarkets and online groceries stores. Strong figures of the modern lifestyle, they embody and impose a new way of shopping. Moreover, the payment solutions offered by these online businesses are very attractive!

A few years earlier, online shopping was a real obstacle for many Africans. Indeed, even if the offers offered by online groceries stores were tempting, it was nevertheless difficult to be delivered and even more difficult to pay e-merchants.

However, thanks to the development and the evolution of mobile banking, online payments are now possible. Easier and faster, they simplify and secure financial transactions between companies and customers.

Nevertheless, with the many online payment services that exist in the African market, it remains essential for an online supermarket to choose the right payment system for its business.

Here are three online payment methods that will be perfect for your online grocery store. First, we will give you some tips on choosing the best online payment solution for your grocery store.

How to choose the best digital payment service for your online grocery store in Africa?

Shopping online is a real pleasure. Convenient and simple, this solution has become increasingly necessary for many Africans since the arrival of Covid-19.

Moreover, to facilitate transactions, which could be more effective for building customer loyalty than a simple and fast digital payment method.

So, to choose the right payment solution for your e-commerce, you must first think about the target market.

Where do you want to sell? Only in your country? In Africa? Or internationally?

This is the most important point when we know that digital payment solutions do not necessarily govern several areas at the same time. In other words, a digital payment service that works in Senegal will not necessarily work in Benin, but another one that works in Europe may be able to work in Africa.

For example, while Paypal is the most popular way to do online financial transactions in Europe, the app is not the best choice for shopping online at a grocery store in Africa.

Here are two effective digital payment solutions for your online supermarket in Africa.

Facilitate your national and international transactions with the EziPay electronic wallet

While most online payment solutions require the use of a bank card only, EziPay does not. Indeed, to use this money transfer application, you can either use your bank card but also your bank account and even your mobile money account. In addition, who says Momo, says Africa.

Perfectly suited to Africa, EziPay presents itself as the ideal solution for shopping online on this continent. With the app, you can easily buy your home essentials or beauty products from AfroBaskets (an online grocery store based in Ghana) or order your meals from Jumia in Nigeria.

This electronic wallet will also be useful for sending an AfroBaskets gift basket to a loved one residing in South Africa while living in Ghana.

Mobile Money operator

Mobile Money operators are legion in Africa. Fast, secure and popular, they are unique to each country. Thus, if your grocery store is in Ivory Coast for example, only customers residing in this country will be able to pay with Orange Money, in Benin on the other hand, it will be MTN Money or Momo which will work while in Ghana or Nigeria, Vodaphone or Airtel Money will be more suitable.

If your customers do not live in the country where your grocery store is located, consider using EziPay (which is international) or other mobile payment solutions.

Keep it simple with a national payment solution

Just like EziPay, some apps make mobile payments easier. However, they generally only work in one country and are therefore only compatible with mobile money operators in this country only.

KkiaPay, for example, is an online payment solution that only works in Benin. The application facilitates Momo payments in this country and payments by credit card or Visa card. Your customers will only be able to use it if your grocery is located in Benin.