Looking to send money to somebody living in Niger while living abroad or in another African country ? Ezipay is a money transfer app that present itself as one of the fastest and easiest way for your money to be send digitally in West African countries, especially Niger.  Very simple to use, EziPay is a suitable solution for African Francophone countries.

Ezipay Africa is easy to use for sending money to Niger

Ezipay Africa is a money transfer app that work as an electronic wallet which helps its owner to make online money transactions such as sending money to a momo wallet or a bank account but also paying TV bills, data and airtime, sending international mobile recharge or achieve a payment request.

Very easy to use, Ezipay makes transferring money to Niger a breeze:

  1. First, the user have to put money on his wallet by making a local transfer to EziPay, using your debit/credit Visa Card, Bank Card or Momo account
  2. Second, he will choose the type of transfer he want to make whether is
  • Mobile money
  • Bank Account
  • Bills
  • Internet
  • Airtime, etc…
  1. Third, he will follow the process to send the money to his loved one in Niger

Why to choose EziPay for sending money to Niger  ?

With more thousand money transfer app present on the market, choosing the right one for sending money into a West African country, especially Niger when most people use a momo wallet, can be a hard task.

However, apps like Ezipay Africa make it possible to transfer money from anywhere in the world directly on somebody’s momo wallet, bank account or Visa card at one of the lowest fees of the market.

Indeed, the app, which is a multi-currency service that is available from over 100 countries to more than 140 receiving ones, takes only 4 to 5 % percent of the total amount to be send and the charges fees go less as the amount is going big.

Ezipay also converts the money that have been sent at the market rate – so the user can save big time (even the people saying there’s ‘zero’ commission). On Ezipay, there is no room for sneaky bank surcharges or creeping hidden charges.

The electronic wallet is very secure, thanks to its ISO certification. The app also give Nigerian entrepreneur the opportunity to become an Ezipay merchant with the advantage to receive their payment anytime, anywhere in the world.