In the past, sending money to Ghana was only possible through bank accounts, and it was a complicated and expensive process. The individual first had to find a bank which supported money transfer to Ghana before initiating a request. Additionally, the banks charged heftily for these international money transactions.

Another alternate for transferring money back home in Ghana was through renowned money transfer operators. While they made sending money to Ghana easy compared to the traditional way, i.e., bank transfers, they charged heavily.

With new advancements in technology and systems, things have changed. You can now send mobile money to Ghana from the UK, USA, or anywhere else in the world without having to go through ages-old, complicated, and tiring banking systems. All thanks to the mobile money transfer apps such as EziPay. EziPay app is the best way to send money to Ghana. It allows you to transfer money to Ghana from 149 countries throughout the world.


What is EziPay?
EziPay is the simplest payment solution right on your mobile phone. It is the cheapest way to send money to Ghana. In fact, it’s not just cheap compared to any traditional services, but also the safest and most convenient way to send mobile money to Ghana. You can also use this fantastic App to pay for your bills, services, and you could even book flight tickets with this App. Amazing, isn’t it?

You can send money (from 149 countries) back home to your loved ones in Ghana, directly into their EziPay Mobile Wallets or even bank accounts. It’s as easy as adding money to your EziPay wallet using your debit or credit card, following a couple of easy steps, and you are done – money sent!

With EziPay, it’s no longer a daunting task as it was in the past. All it takes is 2 minutes to send money to your family in Ghana. Your family back home can pay their phone bills, television bills, or even transfer money to other people in Ghana using the EziPay app itself. Many merchants already use EziPay in Ghana, so there is no need for your family to carry cash for shopping, they can pay just using their phone.

EziPay is a super convenient app to send money to Ghana. Additionally, EziPay doesn’t charge much to transfer money as compared to banks or other money transfer services, who charge a big fee to send money to Ghana.