Are you looking for an option to transfer money to a bank account in Ghana? EziPay is your spot-on money deliverance to a bank account of any of your relatives, vendor, or any other billing party.


EziPay is a money transacting application right on your mobile phone that gives you the ease to transfer money to a bank account. This widespread pandemic Coronavirus has got people to be on a house arrest. It has brought the economy of almost the entire world to a full stop. With its basic symptoms of fever, cough, and other respiratory issues, Coronavirus has got us home driven. All we do in our daily lives is now driven through the internet and mobile devices.


Major drawbacks of being locked in:

  • People cannot visit their relatives and local vicinities in order to resume their normal lives.
  • The normal eight-hour office shifts have now shifted to the home offices.
  • Older people and children who were left to their respective cares have now become care package for the otherwise working class of the society.
  • While some people are facing terminations from the jobs, some are willingly resigning in order to be able to take care of the children, and elderly people in the house.
  • There is a major loss of income in households, leaving people with no other choice but cutting their costs.


In light of these general problems faced by people who are locked in their houses due to the growing spread of the Coronavirus, EziPay gives you the ease to transfer money. Take advantage of the various NGOs collecting donations for the cause by contributing your bit so you can help someone in need. Also, donate and help relatives in need of some money to suffice their daily hunger.

You can also receive salaries and other compensations that you are eligible through various government policies. EziPay is keen to help people get through this challenging time that has a drastic effect on the economy and the lives of the local folks.


Take away:


Whether you want to pay money to the grocery vendor, or you want to send money to family in need, or even donate to various NGOs, you can easily EziPay money transfer to bank account in question. This way, you will not only help people, and continue a normal life, but you will also minimize the dangers of spreading the virus. EziPay helps you eliminate the transfer of hard cash and further minimize the spread of the novel Coronavirus.