In this era of digitalization, it has been noticed that most of the population is diverting towards digital platforms for completing their payments. This doesn’t only apply to Sierra Leone but to each and every part of the world. Let us dig into this article to understand the need for a digital payment platform in detail.




West Africa must have an inclusive digital payment platform to improve the transparency of payments and to support economic growth. According to Ghana’s Ministry of Finance, by building an inclusive digital payment ecosystem – it is possible to create an economy where everyone pays and gets paid through the digital medium. According to the Ghanaian government, they can save a huge amount if the digital payment options like EziPay get adopted in the country.


Why is it best to use EziPay over cash?


EziPay is the best online payment app that helps to convert your cash into digital money. It is the fastest-growing convenient platform to make bill payments, pay for mobile phone recharges, and flight or train bookings, which has been adopted by many people in countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Francophone countries. Let’s take a scenario for an example to understand why it is better over cash.


Imagine its the last day due for your electricity bill payment, but unfortunately, you are stuck at your work. In this scenario, if you have an option to make your electricity bill payment with a mobile app, obviously, you will choose to use the online option rather than physically going there to make the payment. You will love to have something that will save your time, energy, and efforts. And it is also one of the trusted mobile payment apps.


Services & Features of EziPay:

  • It is a QR code-driven payment application for the merchants or regular transfers.
  • It accepts remittance money from around 149 countries in the world.
  • It can be used to make bill payments, including electricity, mobile, and internet.
  • You can easily register in the app to enjoy benefits like to buy airtime, transfer funds, and many more.


Concluding lines:

The prime vision of EziPay is to become the payment platform of the big investors and merchants in Sierra Leone, Francophone, and Ghana. EziPay looks forward to soon become a national asset of African countries and it will continue to spread and build its presence in every other country across the globe.