Sierra Leone is experiencing a wave of new economic opportunity, i.e., Mobile Money. Rapid mobile phone growth across the nation has opened the door to better financial service offerings and making it super easy for people to use digital payments in their daily lives. Mobile money growth in Sierra Leone has been significant; every year people are seeing increased growth in the number of users for digital payments.


Sierra Leone is a rising economy, and digital financial services can help ensure that this rapid growth is also reflected in domestic revenue. For example, in Tanzania alone, digitizing tax payments have the potential to increase its revenue by nearly $500 million/year. Countries, along with many companies, are now focusing on designing secure tax payments platforms that would be linked directly to the citizen’s digital accounts. This will help both the nation and citizens to go cashless, and the money can be easily monitored by users using digital payments.  These efforts will built an complete cashless economy.


Mobile Money Growth in Sierra Leone


Half of Sierra Leone people now have access to mobile phones, and there are nearly 6 million mobile phone users in the country.


Sierra Leone is also a member of the Better Than Cash Alliance, the country is now committed to embracing digitalization, and is investing heavily in revenue collection infrastructure. It is creating an enabling environment for DFS innovation to achieve the goal of being cashless.


Cashless transactions are now happening all over the nation, all thanks to secure access to mobile phones. Mobile money has changed everything in Sierra Leone, from the way we use to pay electricity bills ,to the way now we send money. Everything is becoming so comfortable at the tip of your fingers. Now people don’t need to go to a bank to receive or send money. Now we don’t need to carry a sack of leones to look for pounds or dollars for our trip to the United Kingdom, Europe, or America.

Mobile payment apps


There are many mobile payment apps service providers that provide digital wallet services in Ghana. But the one that stands out is EziPay digital wallet. It’s one of the best mobile money transfer apps in Sierra Leone, because of their low fee charges and secure payments. EziPay digital wallet is not only helpful while transferring money, but users can use it in so many places across the nation, from paying electricity bills to money transfer. Ezipay is one app you need for all your digital payments.



With EziPay App you can access the following defines services –

  • You can receive inward Remittance to mobile money
  • You can easily add money in their EziPay Wallet
  • Now experience the cashless money transfer by using Pay Money
  • On EziPay you can make and view Payment Request
  • To pay your bill you can san and pay via QR-Code Scanner
  • EziPay offers you facility to buy Airtime
  • Now paying Internet – (Diakem) is very easy with this app
  • Utilize the benefits of Mobile Money – (Africell and Orange Money)

Final Words

Sierra Leone is fastly moving towards becoming a cashless country, all thanks to many mobile money and digital wallet companies and the efforts of Government. With this immense growth soon, the whole nation will be a cashless nation.