Thanks to the online payment gateway, transferring money overseas was never this easy. With the widespread pandemic Coronavirus, it has been challenging to transfer money through traditional methods of banks and other international organizations. They are not only delayed and costly but calls for visiting physical places that are prone to widespread disease.

The digital payment gateway has made it easy to transfer money to Sierra Leone from the US. Ezipay enables you to sit miles away from the family and also take care of them.


Ezipay Payment Gateway –

It is an easy way to transfer money to Sierra Leone, a one-stop solution for all your payment needs. Serving in over ten countries, Ezipay manages more than $100k every day and is considered as a reliable, secure, and easy to use payment application. You can do an overseas transaction with fewer charges and a mid trade remittance value for your hard-earned money.


EziPay has given us the power to transfer money online to sierra leone back to our families to take care of their little expenses. During this hard time, reducing the involvement of hard cash that can make them vulnerable and accessible to the COVID -19 disease. They can use digital money to make and view a payment request. They can transfer the money to small vendors by scanning and paying in an instant. They can buy airtime, internet, and mobile money in an instant through a simple login on their Ezipay wallet. The wallet can also be connected to the bank account and used for direct transfers in no time.


Characteristics of Ezipay Payment Gateway:

  • EziPay accepts payment on a click, different options like digital wallets or Debit cards can be used, and a QR code will allow a secure the payment.
  • You can add money using a visa or master card and just send it to Africell payment wallet that is mobile.
  • With EziPay you can make payments online for any purpose if it’s for recharge of cellular, TV, subscriptions, hotel booking, flight booking, or shopping.
  • Get the MIS dashboard with all store-wise or location-wise details for payments for your stores.
  • Interoperability between mobile payments and the bank makes Ezipay an exceptional application for the customers.


During this lockdown because of the widespread of the current pandemic – Coronavirus,

Help your family and relatives overseas, back and forth, to send money from the USA to sierra leone. Stay safe and go cashless with EziPay!