Are you from Africa(Senegal) and settled in the UK or the US? If yes, you definitely want to send money back to your family. There will be emergencies when you want to find the quickest way to send money Africa to your family. There are other times when you want to pay some bills, do some investments, help your family out. Trust me; you need to spend some time and figure out what service suits the best for your needs in particular when it comes to sending money home.

EziPay is an efficient app to send mobile money to Africa(Senegal) to help out your friends and family. A secure, easy, and instant option that makes the distance between you and your family shorter. From now on, you will not have to wait in long queues, or do complex procedures or wait for days to get the money transferred back to your family.

When choosing the top money transfer company in Africa, keep these points in mind:

Some places in the region are subject to restrictions. If you decide to send money to Ghana, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Benin, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ivoire d’Coast, foreign exchange will not welcomed, and you will have to find the nearest or an alternate option to send money to your family.EziPay has nothing to do with restrictions. An EziPay wallet can get your family through all ups and downs. You just have to send mobile money to your family.
While you went out to settle in the western world from Africa region, you must be looking for the most suited way for money transfer to your family. You will find many money transfer companies charge really high for the transfers. Other than the high transfer charges, they take a lot of time to actually transfer funds. Your families may have to wait up to a week or so to actually receive the money.

EziPay gives you an option to money transfer to Africa(Senegal) cheaply and instantly. Time is very important, and when there is an emergency, you will want the top money transfer company in hand that will charge low and sends money instantly. EziPay securely sends instant money to help your family when needed.

Mobile money gets us the ease that we all are looking for. Other top money transfer companies have also shifted their money transfer systems online, and you do not have to wait in queues. But EziPay’s transfer costs stand unbeatable. Money transfer companies still charge huge remittance and transfer fees that impact the amount of transfer significantly.EziPay brings you mobile money with ease and lets you transfer money with lowest cost-remittance

Your hard work has helped in the growth of the African region. More and more people moved out of Africa(Senegal) in the search of their dreams since 2010, and they have earned success in many fields.

Inward remittance has dramatically affected the economy of the sub-Saharan Africa region. Therefore in 2020, we are looking at a steady increase in the GDP. Till 2019 the numbers did not cross the standard 3%. The current estimates hint us for some significant achievements in the year of 2020. The GDP is affected by the migration and inward remittance to a great deal in the country. The impressive growth of 3+%, according to the estimates of the Pew Research Centre, is expected in 2020.



While you are out in the world, making something of you for yourself and the family, technology has worked to get you closer. Technology has worked around the constantly advancing needs of the people. EziPay is one such place and a high-tech application that has developed around your needs. It brings you a secure and top money transfer company services that helps you remit funds to your loved ones.