Today’s digital era is fast, flexible, and secure. If you want to send money to your loved ones in west africa(Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Mali, Togo, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ghana & Guinea Bissau) , then it is just a few taps away. But if you are worried that money transfer could be a burden to your pocket, then worry not! EziPay provides you with a competitive rate of money transfer with steep money transferring fees in africa. This online money transfer platform is the cheapest and most convenient way to send money across the world and specially Africa or Togo. EziPay has the lowest fees and offers the cheapest international money transfers all across the Africa.

Let’s know more features about ezipay:-

Stop wasting your time in queuing up for remittance agencies or high street banks. EziPay has now made international transfers a lot easier specially in africa. You can send money anywhere in west africa from togo now just by sitting at home, and this is not it, you can transfer money at a very cheap rate as compared to other money transfer apps.

Traditional methods of remittance are no longer cost-effective and convenient when it comes to sending money abroad. You can go online and take the help of EziPay, which is a one-stop solution for online money transfer service. With this app, you can also avoid wasting time and the hefty fees they charge.

EziPay remittance fees are the lowest available in the market, and it includes minimize fees that you pay for global remittance. EziPay members can enjoy the cheapest and safest international money transfers.

Trusted app for money transfer

At EziPay, we commit to keep fees low and make the process of sending money abroad as convenient as possible. Our online remittance platform uses technology that is cutting-edge and enables users to make instant money transfers. So now, without any further delays, you can transfer money to Ghana with this trusted remittance partner.

This money transfer app also has an e-wallet feature that makes international money transfers in a matter of seconds.

Best exchange rates for money transfers

EziPay is a fully authorized Electronic Money Institution. Our international remittance system also provides EziPay users with competitive exchange rates for global money transfers. It doesn’t matter much about the destination or the currency of a country. Being one of the fastest-growing FinTech solution apps, EziPay gives you leading data security tools to keep your personal information safe and the best exchange rates. There are no hidden charges that would be added while your payment and everything is crystal clear.

Enjoy seamless international money transfers with EziPay

If you are looking up for low-cost remittance fees and super-fast money transfers, then no need to look anywhere other than EziPay. We ensure you get competitive exchange rates by offering lower fees than any other online global remittance provider.

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